NEXT CRO Quality Management System is comprised by company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies and working instructions, which are continuously monitored, maintained and improved to ensure high quality in all our services.

Our Quality System conforms with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards. Internal audits and annual inspections are performed, to ensure the compliance to the set quality standards, system implementation, control and improvement. It is also planned to prevent, without however underestimating the need of taking corrective and preventive actions, when a non – compliance to the requirements is ascertained.

All our services are performed in accordance with the established standards and specifications related to the execution of operational processes and procedures, in full harmonization with the ICH GCP guidelines, as well as international and local regulation of clinical trials and business ethics. High quality services, everyday compliance and inspection / audit readiness are our most significant performance values.

NEXT CRO is committed to the highest standards of corporation conduct in all our business dealings. The provision of high-quality services is achieved by the coordinating efforts of management and personnel. Our Quality objectives consist of measurable data and are evaluated and, if required, updated in an ongoing basis. This provides NEXT CRO a greater confidence about the achievement of the goals and a more secure warning light for actions, in case of non-conformities.